Streamr’s Pier to Pier Party


Ahoy mates! We are setting sail to celebrate the launch of Streamr’s peer-to-peer real-time data Network!

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The Santa Maria Sailboat, Osaka
October 8, 2019 18:55
October 8, 2019 21:15

Hop on board for a boat ride with Streamr and friends. We’ll be cruising through the calm waters of Osaka bay while enjoying pizza and a few cold beers! Stay on deck to watch the sunset or head under deck to learn more about trustless messaging during a panel discussion with the captain himself, Henri Pihkala and other Web3 pioneers.

Sailing Itinerary

⚓ 6:55pm - Boarding starts, all hands on deck!

⛵ 7:30pm - Set sail for a tour around Osaka Bay, aye aye matey!

🍻 7:45pm - Avast ye! Trustless messaging for Web3

⌛ 9:15pm - Land ho! The end of our journey

Panel Discussion on Trustless Messaging for Web3

Trustless messaging is an increasingly important issue in the Web3 space. How will Dapps truly compete with today’s Web2 real-time apps, whilst remaining decentralized, and maintain user privacy if they are forced to turn to centralized solutions to incorporate real-time messaging?

In this panel talk, hosted by Streamr on a boat touring Osaka bay during DevCon, space leaders will reveal how they are establishing this crucial piece of Web3 infrustruce and debate which p2p messaging network systems work best for machines vs humans and privacy vs latency. They will also discuss whether web3 messaging protocols will outcompete corporate centralized systems for running smart cities and social media.

Fellow panelists TBC

How to get there

The Santa Maria (see above pic) is docked right behind the Osaka Aquarium. For landlubbers, take a five-minute cab ride from ATC hall. For pirates getting there by public transport, walk to Cosmosquare Station and take the Chuo Line till Osakako Station. From there, it’s a ten-minute walk to the pier, right behind sunset plaza.