Lexon Day #7


Learning and Shaping the Natural Program Language Lexon

Hosted by
Lexon Foundation
October 11, 2019 14:00
October 11, 2019 19:00

This is an intimate get together of Lexon pioneers, extending a cordial invitation to all interested in legal smart contracts and DAOs.

We would be particularly intrigued to welcome Japanese lawyers interested in blockchain smart contract.

Henning Diedrich, the creator of Lexon, will chair the open discussion.


"Like Christmas"

"I almost cried"

"The future of law"


Lexon is the pioneer of the next generation of program languages: human readable like natural language.

Lexon can be used to describe agreements and business logic. It was designed to make the code of blockchain smart contracts readable for non-programmers.

Regarding clarity, it goes back to the original concept of Smart Contracts.

For auto-execution, Lexon utilizes blockchains in a truly agnostic way.


We are building a mailing list for interested lawyers: list.lexon.tech

Try out example lexon code, live: 3.lexon.tech

Join us on Telegram: https://t.me/LexonCoop

Other Lexon Events

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Devcon 5: Japanese, Human Readable Contracts - research workshop

Oct 8th / 1:05 PM - 1:50 PM / Devcon 5 / Room B3

A Lexon Example

The following is code that can be compiled and deployed to Ethereum. You can try a one-click testnet deployment at 3.lexon.tech

LEX Escrow.
“Payer” is a person.
“Payee” is a person.
“Arbiter” is a person.
“Fee” is an amount.
The Payer pays an Amount into escrow, appoints the Payee, appoints the Arbiter, and also fixes the Fee.
CLAUSE: Pay Out.
The Arbiter may pay from escrow the Fee to themselves,
and afterwards pay the remainder of the escrow to the Payee.
CLAUSE: Pay Back.
The Arbiter may pay from escrow the Fee to themselves,
and afterwards return the remainder of the escrow to the Payer.