Layer2 and Business


What would be viable application use cases and business opportunities on top of Ethereum with Layer2 technology?

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billage OSAKA
October 8, 2019 18:30
October 8, 2019 21:30

🔥L2 and Business🔥

- How are blockchain applications different from traditional application businesses in terms of monetize/business model? Can layer2 technology create additional value there?

- How can blockchain application businesses (on L2) and its developers last sustainably?

- What are the distinctiveness of each L2 construction? What are the potential use cases?

We can think of a bunch of promising usages of public blockchains, especially with Layer2 technology that solves scalability and usability issues, but first and foremost, are they going to be sustainable when it comes to business?

Join us to learn the current development scene from industry-leading researchers/devs and see them demystify the capability of Layer2 technology for the real world adoption 🚀

Free foods and drinks are provided!

Panelist / Speakers

- Karl Floersch (Plasma Group)🔮

- Dan Robinson (Paradigm)🌈

- Heiden Adams (Uniswap)🦄

- Liam Horne (L4)🔲

- Shuhei Hiya (Cryptoeconomics Lab)🐘

- Georgios Konstantopoulos (independent)⛓

- John Adler (Consensys)🌀

- Ryuya Nakamura (LayerX)💠

Time Table

18:30 Doors Open

18:30~19:00 Opening remarks from CEL + Networking 🍻

19:00~19:20 Lightning Talk

- John Adler [The State of Layer-2 Protocol Development]

- Ryuya Nakamura [Casper R&D at LayerX]

19:20~19:50 Panel1: Differences between Traditional Application Business & Blockchain Application Business

19:50~20:10 Presentation: Georgios Konstantopoulos [Plasma Predicates and Bitcoin Script]

20:10~20:40 Panel 2: Differences between L2 Constructions and Its Potential Use Cases

20:40 ~ 21:30 Closing remarks and Takoyaki time! 🐙

Enjoy Osaka’s popular street food with your favorite (or new) crypto friends!


CEL would like to give a special shout-out to everyone who helped us on this event, especially;

New Economy(Atarashii Keizai) team,

Yusuke Obinata (Obi) - Founder of NodeTokyo,

LayerX team