Kleros x Realit.io TRIVIA QUIZ


TRIVIA QUIZ proposed by Kleros in partnership with Realit.io

Hosted by
par Kleros
PC and Retro Bar Space Station
October 10, 2019 18:00
October 10, 2019 20:00
0.05 ETH

Welcome to the Trivia Quiz proposed by Kleros in partnership with Realit.io! We will show you how to use the oracle while playing a game: answer a series of Trivia questions, with rewards ranging from 0.01ETH to 0.10ETH according to the difficulty.

The topics will be: Geography, History, Entertainment, Arts & Literature, Blockchain, Science & Nature, Sports & Leisure, Logic. We are happy to offer you the 1st drink! * To play you simply need a smartphone with a Web3.0 enabled Ethereum Wallet and Browser (such as MetaMask).

We’ll distribute 0.05 ETH for you to be able to play. * Registration via Kickback is mandatory. Only a few spots available!


- Brief introduction to Kleros x Realit.io

- 3,2,1… GO! Game is on!

- Retro-gaming for the nostalgics ;)

We warmly thank Space Station Osaka for hosting us!

To go further:
Kleros Website: https://kleros.io
Realit.io platform: https://realit.io