Kleros Decentralized Courts


See how Kleros proposes an efficient, accessible and affordable dispute resolution method

Hosted by
Singularity Hive, Osaka
October 9, 2019 7:30
October 9, 2019 9:00

Kleros team is pleased to invite you to its Kleros Decentralized Courts Workshop event @SingularityHive Osaka. We will see how Kleros proposes, through the use of cryptoeconomic incentives, an efficient, accessible and affordable dispute resolution method that can significantly improve access to justice in the digital age.

Since its pilot experience, Doges On Trial, launched more than a year ago on the Ethereum mainnet, Kleros has come a long way! This year, Kleros launched new DApps covering new use cases, sometimes in partnerships (Token Listing with EthFinex, Oracle with Realit.io and CryptoUnlocked), while updating their design and functionality. The workshop will be presented and animated by the team!

A presentation to understand the functioning and uses of Kleros, as well as our latest research in cryptoeconomy. (30min)
A workshop to guide you on the DApps and answer your questions.(60min)

ETHs & PNKs, as well as snacks and coffee/tea, are provided! Participants are invited to bring a computer / smartphone with an Ethereum wallet and browser compatible with Web3.0 (MetaMask recommended)

** Registration via Kickback mandatory.

To go further:
↳ Kleros Court: https://court.kleros.io/
↳ Kleros Token Curated Registry: https://tokens.kleros.io
↳ Kleros Escrow DApp: http://escrow.kleros.io/
↳ Oracle: the first case of use of Kleros in partnership with Realitio and CryptoUnlocked: https://realit.io & https://cryptounlocked.wetrust.io