Ethereum in France and Japan


The Ethereum France Association (ex-Asseth) is going to Osaka for Devcon!

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Association Ethereum France (Ex-Asseth)
Grand Front Osaka
October 10, 2019 18:00
October 10, 2019 21:30
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The Ethereum France Association (ex-Asseth) is going to Osaka for Devcon!
For this meetup we are partnering with Yahoo! who are kindly hosting us, as well as Kaiko, BUIDL. Ltd and the Deck.

Program (all interventions will be in english):
6:30pm-7:00pm : Welcome
7:00pm-7:05pm: "About Mix Leap Joint" - Masashi Nakagawal (Yahoo!)
7:05pm-7:10pm: "About Osaka Blockchain Week" - Tomokazu Morisawa (the DECK)
7:10pm-7:30pm: Panel : "Introduction of the Ethereum community in Japan and France" - Tomokazu Morisawa, Masaharu Uno (BUIDL. Ltd), Jérôme de Tychey (Ethereum France)
7:30pm-7:50pm: "Introduction to Ethereum and Cryptoeconomics"- Jérôme de Tychey
7:50pm-8:10pm: "Operating a blockchain startup in France and Japan" - Robert Edstrom (Kaiko)
8:10pm-8:30pm: "Closing words and coming events in France" Jérôme de Tychey
8:35pm-9:30pm: Eat & Meet

/!\ /!\ Registration to the Meetup /!\ /!\

For this Meetup we are using the Ethereum based Kickback dapp.


[ WHY? ]
Because it's awesome to use a dApp, and well also Kickback allows you to stake a small amount of money for your attendance. Once you're signed in at the event, you get your money back plus a share from the losses of people who lost their stakes by not turning up!

Using the dapp requires connection to a wallet like Metamask or similar.
For support, check out

See you there !