Distributed Web Hackternoon!


We will make this afternoon all about the open, distributed web.

Hosted by
Georepublic Okamoto Office
October 7, 2019 13:30
October 7, 2019 17:30

To this years blockchain week we are inviting you to join us at the Georepublic Okamoto Office for an afternoon at the physical (near Kobe) and philosophical edge.

We will make this afternoon all about the open, distributed web. Join us to explore how the future of an open web based on distributed p2p technology could look like and what impact it may have.

What you need to know/bring

  • Interest in new, easy technology for humans
  • Open mind


The office is very close to the posh JR Settsu-Motoyama station, about 20 minutes by train from JR Osaka station. You can also reach it comfortably via Hankyu Okamoto station - which allows even quicker and cheaper access from Kyoto.

Schedule13:15Opening13:45Lightning Talks14:45Open workshops17:30Starting preparations for THE PARTY!

Lightning Talks

Sami will introduce us to the niche-culture, offline first, p2p social network

Secure Scuttlebutt, and how to use it for a different kind of human connection.

Nina and Alex from 🧙‍♀️Wizard Amigos (traveling to Japan from the UK 🇬🇧) will give an example on how to use the open-web dat project to improve a smart contract project.

Local dweb-developer Martin will be reflecting on open business models that can be built on the foundation of distributed web and what advantages these might offer to us in contrast to a digital startup model.

Chris, joining us from 🇺🇸 SF-ish, will be finishing with his p2p workshop that will also be happening during devcon5.

Open Workshops

Bring your Questions! During the open-workshop time, we build groups around mentors that each will try to get something distributed, set-up or running.