Crypto Gossip Night


Our tenet is: sharp question and answer, serious gossip! Proof of Gossip do you dare to come?

Hosted by
JOULE Bar, Osaka
October 9, 2019 19:00
October 9, 2019 22:00

About Crypto Gossip Night:

Everyone is thinking and talking about these questions privately but no one speaks out on the stage.

We raise the sharp questions and decrypt the gossip through the conversations on the party to let you know more about the eastern and western crypto community.

Not only the invited project leaders, investors and developers speaks on the stage but also every one on the party will have a chance to share his insights.

  • 1 free drink for each.
  • DJ after the party.


18:30-19:00 Sign-in

19:00 -19:15 Lightning Talk

《The Gap:When Crypto West Meets East》

19:15 -19:55 Panel 1

Topic 1:Which vertical is the most undervalued now in crypto world but promising?

Topic 2:What will you do if your project runs out of money in the next 3 months?

19:55 - 20:10 Presentation

《Web3.0:One Small Step for Privacy, One Giant Leap for DeFi》

20:10 - 20:25 Presentation

《Let’s Gaming-Fi 》

20:25 - 21:10 Panel 2

Topic 3:If 2020 is still a bear, will you leave or stay? What's your plan?

Topic 4:Which technology in blockchain area will show its muscle when the next bull market arrives?

Topic 5:Recommend a coin/token and convince me within 2 minutes:why should I buy it?

21:10-22:00 Dance, Music and Alcohol

Lucky draws :

Bracelets with 5 colors are randomly for each participator. 5 people as a team with different colored bracelets will get the Lucky draws. First come first served.

1)2 hour consulting service on growth hacking in Chinese community

2)A pitch dinner with top investors

3)A Meetup with local crypto kols

4)Headhunting service in the Chinese market

5)A program course:Learning substrate with 200 global blockchain developers

# Offered by CypherJump