Coda Community Meetup


Coda Protocol is hosting a community meetup during DevCon5

Hosted by
Coda Protocol
Hyatt Regency, Osaka
October 10, 2019 18:00
October 10, 2019 20:00

Coda Protocol is hosting a community meetup during DevCon5 in Osaka, Japan!

DATE: Thursday October 10th
TIME: 6-8 PM local Osaka time
LOCATION: Hyatt Regency Hotel Ground Floor (1F), Manhattan Bar
INSTRUCTIONS: Look for the team near the front of the bar, we'll be standing at tables, wearing our Coda shirts! Come say hi, bring a friend, and meet the team!

Coda Protocol uses recursive zk-SNARK technology to enable a succinct blockchain. Regardless of the size of the transaction history, anyone can independently verify the current state with the computing power available on any smartphone. The smartphone in your pocket, an IoT device, or a feature phone in low-bandwidth areas is a full node with Coda.

While existing chains become more and more centralized as they gain adoption and scale to more users, with Coda, every user can participate as a full node on the chain. With this fundamental innovation, Coda enables crypto to return to its original intentions of putting people in control of their money and finances, with no need to trust third-party intermediaries.

As the future transfer layer for the internet, Coda will allow a much larger audience of developers to build payments and asset transfers into a wide range of apps, from very simple to highly complex. Imagine any app sustainably supporting payments in Coda or fiat tokens, or games allowing trading of in-game items to any user around the world, knowing that the network can support increasing demand. This is what Coda will enable.

Are you interested to learn more or just to meet the team behind Coda Protocol? Then come meet us during this meetup!
We will have a great group there - Evan, CEO & co-found; Izaak, CTO & co-founder; Brad, Strategy & Ops; Emre, Partnerships; and Christine, Community.

Some helpful directions to help you get there (hint: it's a few minutes walk from the main conference area, the ATC building):
-take the South exit on floor 2F (follow signs "Passageway to Hyatt Regency Osaka")
-cross the overpass and go down the escalator
-walk back a bit to find the stairs leading to Hyatt Regency
-the Manhatten Bar is right at your left hand after walking into Hyatt Regency

See you soon!